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Kincrome K8035 1/2" Square Drive Digital Torque Adaptor

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The Kincrome 1/2" Square Drive Digital Torque Adapter converts any standard 1/2" Square Drive ratchet into an accurate digital torque wrench. Simply set the desired torque, plug in a ratchet and socket and tighten the fastener until the digital display and audible tone indicate you’ve reached your target torque. You can also use it to calibrate an existing torque wrench. Display modes include Peak, which displays and stores the max torque applied, and Trace, which shows real-time torque as it is applied.

Five torque units of measure are available: lb-ft, lb-in, kg-cm, kg-m and N-m.
• Display Range: 40-200Nm (29.5 – 147.6
• Accuracy: + /- 2%
• 5 torque measurement settings(kg-cm kg-m lb-in lb-ft N-m)
• Memory slots record last 50 torque value readings
• Both peak and trace settings
• Storage Case
• Use as a calibration device for existing torque wrenches digital and analogue
• 3 colour LED light indicator and progressive audio notification when reaching specified torque
• Convert any Ratchet into a Torque Wrench
• Use as a Calibration Device
• Works in both directions on left and right hand threads