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Nail guns make driving the nail into wood or other materials more convenient. These nail guns are available as both a pneumatic and a power tool. These are perfect if your job requires multiple nails to be driven and are looking for a time efficient tool. A nail gun will not only allow you to move through your job fairly quickly, but also with utmost precision and accuracy allowing the placement to be perfect. ...

Types of Nailers

There are a whole variety of nail guns available, yet how do you know which one is the right for the job you are doing? Read on to find out the difference between each nail gun and which one is perfect for you and the job you have at hand.

Framing Nailer

These type of Nail guns are great for heavy duty use and are suitable for being used on wooden framing in heavy duty construction work. These nails are ideal to be used to build Rooms, Fences, Decks, Wood Sheathing and Wood Siding. Tools Warehouse has a whole collection of Framing Nailers including, the Makita Pneumatic Air Nailer, the Milwaukee Cordless FUEL framing Nailer, the Hikoki Nailer kit range and many more. You can view our entire collection of framing nailers right here online. 

Flooring Nailer

The uniquely designed nail guns are perfect for quickly laying tongue and groove floorboards. The nail gun is to be held at the very edge of the board and the plunger is hit with a nylon mallet. This process ensures that the nails are directed at the right angle and depth every time it is hit. Flooring Nailers can be either pneumatic or manual. Both of these help drive the nail into the floorboard, however the pneumatic flooring nailers require less human exertion. These nailers may not be as versatile as other nailers, however they get flooring work done very well. Shop your own flooring nailer right here from among a range of nail guns of leading brands and top quality.

Pin Nailer

Pin Nail guns are ideal for a quality finish in carpentry projects. Their small, delicate form allows for a precise finish. These nail guns are compatible with 23-gauge headless nails that resemble pins. This nail gun is ideal for completing finishing work in carpentry, small furniture trims, delicate trim pieces and more intricate jobs. This nailer is ideal for when fine nails are used in delicate surfaces where larger nails can split the wood. If you’re looking for a good deal on a top quality pin nail gun, then browse our collection of nailers to find the one just right for your work.

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