Fire Protection

You want to make sure that you are fully prepared when it comes to being fire safe. At Tools Warehouse, we stock a range of fire safety equipment this includes our fire extinguishers which are perfect for the workshop, factory, job site or even large vehicles. They are suitable for fires which involve paper, wood, textiles, electricity and flammable liquids. We also offer welding blankets, fire blankets, fire alarms and safety signs all at affordable prices. Be sure of your safety and those around you with the right fire safety equipment today. Shop online and get items right to your door at great prices or use the Click & Collect service we offer to pick up your items at our store!  


MEGAFire MF100 1m x 1m Domestic Fire Blanket


MEGAFire's smaller 1m x 1m fire blanket is perfect for home kitchens. Fire blankets are designed to starve a fire of oxygen once covered by a speci...

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