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Ceccato 8102345000 AD45 Pneumatech Piston & Screw Compressors Air Dryer

by Ceccato
SKU: 8102345000
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Pneumatech AD45 Air dryer for Piston and Screw compressors
The AD45 refrigerant dryers guarantee dry and qualitative compressed air which prolongues the lifetime of your equipment and ensures a superior production quality.
Water vapour is eliminated, avoiding corrosion in your compressed air network and tools. This lowers your maintenance costs and improves your overall production process for complete peace of mind.

  • Pressure dew point between 3-7°C
  • High efficiency plate-fin heat exchanger
  • Professional water removing function
  • Low relative humidity in outlet air
  • 50% less energy consumption compared to shell-and tube type dryers
  • Optimized refrigeration system
  • Professional Energy efficiency
  • Industrial grade refrigeration compressor
  • Digital controller & PDP display
  • Reliable structure due to a robust canopy ensuring a safe installation independently of the environment
  • Monitor the operations and dew point of your dryer with the electronic controller
  • The highly efficient heat exchanger safeguards your optimized cooling power and lowers pressure drops
  • Reliable timer drain with adjustable drain interval and discharge time
  • Capacity: 53cfm
  • Motor: 1500l/min, 90m³/h
  • Operating pressure:
  • Standard: 7 bar (100psi)
  • Max: 13 bar (188psi)
  • Operating temperate:
  • Standard: 40°C
  • Max: 55°C
  • Room temperature:
  • Min: 5°C
  • Standard: 30°C
  • Max: 45°C
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 550mm x 370mm x 800mm
  • Weight: 32kg

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