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Bessey GK15 60mm x 150mm Quick Action Gear Clamp

by Bessey
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  • A world first again - A radical new design that makes clamping easier and more effecient
  • Designed for reaching into confined spaces with the tightening handle away from the work surface
  • In this way the knuckles and hand are not injured ensuring greater control and improved safety without obstruction from tool components
  • The rotating handle drives self lubricating gears which in turn drives a trapezoidal threaded spindle with swivelling pressure pad 40mm
  • The fixed jaw has crossed recess V grooves for holding round, pointed and angular components
  • Easy accesed slide thumb lock enables quick capacity adjustment
  • High quality fibreglass reinforced polyamide materials and hardened, tempered and burnished steel profile rails 
  • The sliding jaw's housing that contains the gear mechanism is sealed protecting the inside from dust and splintering
  • Clamping force up to 2,000N