ADA ADA00384 Red Beam Self-Levelling Cross Line Laser Level Kit

by ADA
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ADA CUBE 3D is the most compact laser level with two vertical and one horizontal lines. With the help of ADA Cube you can do all marking jobs: to hang a shelf or picture on the wall, to hang wallpapers, to place conduit for electric wiring, to set guides for suspended ceiling and so on.

VERTICAL MARKING: Due to the vertical lines that are intersected at the angle of 90° you can easily plan the division of the room, make partitions, lay floor tiles and so on. Laser lines will show the position of future walls. Change the position of the level to value the dimensions of planned room.

BATTERY POWER SAVING. It is possible to turn off unused laser lines to save battery life. For this purpose use the button to select laser beams. This button is located on the side edge of the instrument. Variants of markings: one horizontal and two vertical lines, the only one vertical line or only horizontal and vertical lines (laser cross). If the battery power is low, laser lines will blink.

HEAVY-DUTY HOUSING. The housing is made in the form of cube. Area of the edge makes up only 6.5 cm. Rubber parts protect instrument from damages. Due to the ribbed surface the instrument doesn’t slip out from your hands.

EASY OPERATION. Turning on and deblocking is performed with the click of the button. The pendulum makes fast alignment into vertical position. Maximum deviation from the vertical axis makes up 3°. In case of deviation the acoustic alarm activates. Thread 1/4″ in the bottom of the gauge allows to set on the tripod or multipurpose fixing.

UNIVERSAL FIXING ADA Universal Clamp (the set Home, Ultimate). Reliable steel pin with the rotating screw for fixation to any surface at any angle: door, heating radiator, window handle, cabinet door, stair railing, table surface, stepladder etc. Universal fixing clamps have soft covers, so they leave no traces on the surface. Due to the special notch it is possible to hang the clamp on the drywall screw.

ELEVATING TRIPOD (the set Professional, Ultimate). Light aluminum support with sliding column for installation at the height from 35 up to 110 cm. The elevating detail is used for smooth adjustment of the height in the range of 25 cm. The tripod provides for quick installation of the level at the required height in any place.

LASER GLASSES (the set Ultimate). Required for improving the laser ray visibility, especially when the laser ray is badly visible (e.g. under bright daylight).

PLASTIC CASE (the set Ultimate). Hard plastic case for convenient storage and transportation of the whole set. Everything is at hand.



  • Laser projection: 1Н 2V
  • Working range: 20 m
  • Accuracy: ± 0,2 mm/m
  • Laser diode: class 2, 635 nm, < 1 mWt
  • Dust/water protection: IP 54
  • Power supply: 3 batteries AАА / 1.5 V
  • Tripod thread: 1/4"
  • Dimensions: 65х65х65 mm



  • Additional vertical line
  • Small weight
  • Compact size
  • Shut-off laser lines


  • Laser level
  • manual
  • tripod
  • soft bag for laser level
  • 2pcs. batteries AAA

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