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Unimig AM5356 1.2MM .45kg XA Aluminium MIG Welding Wire

by Unimig
SKU: AM5356-1.2MM-0.50KG
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UNIMIG 5356 is the highest quality consistent aluminium welding wire available anywhere in the world. Because our manufacturer is the only one in the world that melts and casts their own redraw rod and they have complete control of the manufacturing process allowing them to tightly control and refine the alloys’ chemical composition to exacting tolerances, this ensures premium quality aluminium wire products and outstanding welding performance.

The surface finish of aluminium MIG wire is the greatest influencing factor of an electrode’s performance and consistency during welding. A poor surface finish causes a variety of welding problems and interruptions such as poor feedability, premature liner wear, reduced contact tip life, porosity, dirty welds and burn backs. These welding interruptions increase your manufacturing costs and reduce productivity. Our focus is on providing the smoothest and most uniform surface finish possible – one that is clean and free of contamination and hydrocarbons. The consistent feed ability of UNIMIG aluminium wire is accomplished through use of advanced wire drawing technology and a proprietary triple shaving process. All UNIMIG aluminium wire goes through a unique testing and control process consisting of three steps: surface finish testing, feed ability testing, and weldability testing. A SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) is used to inspect and control the wires surface finish and cleanliness, ensuring the best surface finish possible and superior welding performance.

Utilising additional manufacturing processes and controls for wire cast, helix and diameter tolerance, we further ensure high quality, premium aluminium MIG wire. A consistent and tightly controlled diameter tolerance is another important variable that contributes to arc stability, uniformity, and quality aluminium welds. To prevent diameter fluctuations that can have a profound, negative impact on welding conditions and amperage efficiency, we tightly control diameter tolerance on all of our aluminium welding wire to exacting standards to ensure consistent welding performance and results.


  • High Quality
  • Triple Shaved
  • X-Ray Quality
  • Precision Layer Wound
  • Smooth Feeding
  • Low Fume Factor
  • Clean Welds
  • International Approvals
  • AWS, ABS, CWB, Lloyds Register, DNV, TUV, DB