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Topcon BUILD_COMBO2 Dome Aluminium Tripod & Laser Face Staff

by Topcon
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Dome Aluminium Tripod

Laser tripods are important and portable pieces of laser level accessories, used in a wide variety of construction and surveying contexts. A tripod provides support and stability along both the side-to-side and up-and-down axis of motion, meaning it can be used on a variety of surfaces. Laser level tripods which are types of laser level accessories, provide a stable place on which to place your laser, which in turn increases efficiency by reducing errors and time spent re-adjusting and re calibrating your measurements.


The staff laser line instruments includes the 5m “E” Face Staff and the 5m ½ cm Face Staff. These longer measuring staffs are useful for projects such as trenching, where a greater working height is needed. The 5m “E” Face Staff (Product Code: 07-10-55ES) is an aluminium staff, with E-graduation, 5 extendable sections and locking buttons. This type of laser level equipment is a heavy-duty staff with a focus on durability and quality. The 5m ½ cm Face Staff (product code 07-10-55HS) is a lightweight aluminium staff, with a 1/2cm face, five sections, and a 5m extendable length. This is a versatile, easy to use measuring staff with an emphasis on quality. Both of these measuring staffs represent great value for money as laser accessories.


  • Meter

  • 5 Section

  • "E" Face Aluminium Staff

  • Includes Cover