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Sutton Tools D2030060 6 x 6 x 66mm HSS Cobalt Metal Spot Weld Drill Bit

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Standard spot weld drills have a parallel shank for use with standard drilling machines. Sutton Tools spot weld drills are designed for vehicle body repairs. For quick and precise drilling through existing auto panel spot welds, releasing damaged panels and enabling replacements to be fitted. Spot weld drills have a spur point designed to cut through the weld on one panel while leaving only a slight mark in the second panel.


  • Centre nib enables accurate positioning and less drilling pressure without work hardening
  • Shallow point design cuts through top panel while only slightly marking second panel
  • Parallel shank for use with standard drilling machines
  • Made from HSS Co. The 5% cobalt formula improves abrasive & heat resistance, for increased strength at higher cutting temperatures


  • Material: HSS Co.8
  • Finish: Brt
  • Shank Form: A
  • X: als
  • Cutting Edges: ul
  • Standard: Sutton