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Ramset SC950 100 Piece 50mm Structural Steel & Concrete Premium Drive Pins

by Ramset
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Ramset’s range of Premium Drive Pins has been designed for steel and hard concrete applications. The ballistic point design of these drive pins allows them to penetrate hard materials with less power while the strengthened shank greatly reduces the possibility of column collapse.


  • Max. Fixture (thickness to concrete): 25mm
  • Drive Pin Length: 50mm
  • Max. Fixture (thickness to steel): 35mm
  • Order Qty: 100
  • Raw Material: Carbon Steel
  • Corrosion Protection: Zinc Electroplated (Min coating 7µm)
  • Nominal Head Diameter: 8.8mm
  • Nominal Shank Diameter: 4.0 / 3.5mm
  • Shear Strength: 1240N/mm2
  • Tensile Strength: 2000N/mm2
  • Hardness: 54 - 58HRC