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DON'T FORGET THE $20,000 INSTANT ASSET WRITE-OFF! (Check the ATO website for more info.)

PFERD 47800135 2 Pack 50mm x 30mm 60 Grit Aluminium Oxide POS Mounted Flap Wheel Fan Grinder

by Pferd
SKU: 47800135
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POS Mounted Flap Wheel Fan Grinder Aluminium Oxide - 6mm Shank  F 5030/6 A 60 Grit (2pk)

  • High flexibility
  • High stock removal due to the aggressive coated abrasive
  • Carrier material wears off uniformly and without residue on the workpiece surface, meaning that sharp abrasive grit is exposed at all times
  • Due to the flat cast core construction, the face of the mounted flap wheels can be used to work very close to edges and in corners
Recommendations for use:
  • Mounted flap wheels achieve their best performance at a recommended cutting speed of 15Ð20 m/s. This provides an ideal compromise between stock removal, surface quality, thermal load on the workpiece and tool wear.
  • Flexible shafts, electric and air-powered straight grinders can be used as tool drives
  • Use grinding oil that is suitable for the material in order to significantly increase the tool life and the abrasive performance of the tools.
Safety notes:
  • For safety reasons, it is imperative to remain within the stated maximum permitted rotational speed at all times
- Safety is only guaranteed if:
  • The clamping depth is at least 15 mm
  • The specified maximum rotational speed for unsupported shank lengths is not exceeded


  • Head Size dia x Length mm: 50 x 30
  • Grit: 60

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