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Metaltech MTUB-100 Benchtop Universal Steel Bender

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Convenient, bench top universal steel bender is designed for accurate hot and cold bending and shaping of various metal stock. Simply mount on a sturdy bench via the 4 mounting holes and you are ready to be creative. Ideal for flat, round, square or angled steel the “Metaltech " universal steel bender is an essential piece of equipment for the professional fabrication shop, farm workshop, or serious home handyman.


  • Heavy duty steel construction with hardened bending surfaces
  • Precise bending operation with adjustable bending stop angled up to 120°
  • Fully adjustable length stop for precision accurate length when repeat production is required
  • Heavy duty material clamp with eccentric quick action cam lever
  • Wide body supporting face gives safe and reliable operation
  • Various bending radiuses are achieved by turning the adjustable die plate
  • Rubberized ergonomic handle provides increased leverage
  • Industrial satin hammer tone finish for corrosion resistance


  • Precise bending range from 0 to 120°
  • Flat steel: 100 x 5mm (cold); 100 × 10 mm (warm)
  • Round steel: 18 mm (cold); 20 mm (warm)
  • Square steel: 16 x 16 mm (cold); 20 × 20 mm (warm)
  • Angle steel: 60 x 8 mm (cold, only with pre-notch); 100 × 10 mm(warm, only with pre-notch)
  • Weight(nett):32kg