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Kincrome KP1453 3m 400Ah Premium Battery Booster Cables

SKU: KP1453
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Surge protection
• 3M cable length
• Heavy duty terminal clamps
• 12/24V battery application
• Suits 4 to 8 cylinder petrol engines
• Intelli-Check alternator/polarity/battery
• CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium) Cables

**KP1453 ‘Type2’ booster cable specifications vary from the original ‘Type 1’ cables. Details of the KP1453 ‘Type 2” booster cable specifications can be obtained through Kincrome customer service if required.

***Please note that the KP1453 booster cables may be suitable for use on some diesel vehicles providing the CCA rating of the vehicles battery is no greater than 400CCA.