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Grip 44540 8000kg (8T) Clevis Base Hydraulic Ram

by Grip
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For fitment in hydraulic lifting cranes or engine hoists used for the lifting of heavy objects or equipment. Also used in farm machinery applications.


  • Heavy duty chrome hydraulic ram and piston pump
  • Clevis hook base plate mounting hardware
  • Rubber gripped handle for ergonomic action
  • 'T ' screw adjustment to raise or lower
  • Baked enamel finish for corrosion resistance
  • Suitable replacement for most engine cranes



  • Capacity 8 Ton
  • Minimum height 630mm
  • Maximum height 1120mm
  • Hydraulic Lifting height  490mm
  • Clevis Hole Diameter 16mm
  • Piston shaft Hole Diameter 16mm
  • Piston shaft  Diameter 30mm
  • Weight (nett) 18kg