Grip 44102 2000kg (2T) Hydraulic Bottle Jack

by Grip

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Bottle style hydraulic jack for the safe lifting of vehicles or other heavy loads or equipment so maintenance can be performed.


  • Heavy duty steel construction with quality cast iron base plate
  • Mechanical height adjustment screw
  • Chrome hydraulic ram and piston pump
  • Black baked enamel finish for corrosion resistance
  • Australian Standard compliance

Safety Note:

  • The jack should be used on hard, level surfaces
  • The wheels of the vehicle to be chocked
  • Do not put a portion of your body under a vehicle supported by a jack
  • No person should remain in a vehicle that is being jacked
  • Do not exceed the working load limit


  • Working load limit 2000kg
  • Minimum height 175mm
  • Maximum height 339mm
  • Hydraulic lift height 116mm
  • Screw adjustment height 48mm
  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 2693:2007
  • Packaged weight(nett) 5kg


It is recommended that the oil level should be at approximately 3mm below the oil filler hole. To add oil lower jack to the lowest position, then remove the air vent valve, add oil to desired level, pump jack 5 or 6 times to expel any air in the cylinder, and then fasten the air vent valve. Avoid mixing different types of fluids. Use only ISO 10-5 hydraulic fluid. DO NOT USE BRAKE FLUID, ALCOHOL, GLYCERINE, DETERGENT, MOTOR OIL OR DIRTY OIL.

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