CRC 8180 550ml ADOS Ultra High Strength Adhesive Aerosol

by CRC
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CRC UHS is an ultra high strength contact adhesive which gives an immediate and permanent bond on a wide variety of surfaces. It is formulated to give low soak, cure fast, dry clear and be non-staining.

It has high heat resistance and is suitable on porous and non-porous surfaces making it ideal for a wide variety of applications, where permanent, high strength bonds are essential. CRC UHS uses a unique resin system making it resistant to breakdown from plasticiser migration.

The UHS aerosol is fitted with a variable nozzle, which allows controlled, accurate spraying, reducing product wastage and limiting over-spray.


  • Ultra High Strength
  • Instant Permanent Contact Bond High Heat Resistance
  • Up to 75°C Plasticiser Safe
  • Resistant to breakdown from plasticiser migration Easy to Use
  • No clamping required Variable Nozzle
  • Allows controlled, accurate spraying and a variable spray width


Spray an even layer of adhesive to both surfaces. Adjust nozzle for width of spray required. Allow solvents to evaporate away. Between 5-10 minutes, the solvent should have evaporated and the adhesive should be ‘tacky’ enough to bond the surfaces together. A useful indication is to touch the surfaces (all over) with a clean finger: if they are ‘sticky’ to the touch, without transferring to your finger, they are ready to bond together. On non porous surfaces it is imperative that no solvent is trapped. Position components accurately, as when contact is made, the bond will be immediate. Apply maximum overall instant pressure, taking care to expel any air bubbles, to ensure a complete bond. Use of a hand pressure roller, e.g. a vinyl-flooring roller, provides good direct pressure. A dry adhesive surface may be reactivated by wiping over with solvent.

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