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CRC 5098 300g Battery Terminal Protector Aerosol

by CRC
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CRC Battery Protector is designed to protect battery terminals from corrosion, the leading cause of battery failure, and to maintain the batteries peak performance level. CRC Battery Protector provides a dry, lead free protective coating that keeps moisture, salts and road grime from corroding metal contacts. Maximises performance, provides long lasting protection and extends battery life.


  • Easy to apply aerosol
  • Flexible film
  • Completely encapsulates exposed surfaces
  • Will not become brittle, crack or peel
  • Dry film
  • Clings tenaciously to metal, resisting water wash off and repelling moisture
  • Fast drying - Reduces maintenance time


Recommended for use on battery posts, terminals (used in vehicles, boats & machinery), uninterrupted power supplies, computer systems & mainframes, security & emergency backup systems