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Abbott & Ashby AATBE/150MPK 12mm Tapered Buff Spindle

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Abbott & Ashby Spindles are used to attach mops and buffs. Suitable for 150mm bench grinders (Left & Right Side) to allow our range of buffing mops etc to be used for the desired finish.

Easy to attach

  • Remove outer wheel guard, grinding wheel and inner guard from the side of the machine that you want to fit the tapered spindle

  • Screw on the tapered spindle noting that the internal thread of the spindle is counter bored to allow the spindle to cover the entire grinder shaft length

  • Carefully screw the buff onto the tapered spindle with the thickest flange facing inwards. Screw on as far as buff will reasonably fit

  • Turn on bench grinder and the buff will tighten further against the tapered spindle, to ensure your safety do not stand infront of the machine when you first turn it on and allow it to run for a minute before bringing your work to the machine.


  • Item Code: 805953
  • Type: Tapered
  • Suitable For: 150mm Bench Grinder
  • Position: Left & Right Side
  • Size: 12mm