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Abbott & Ashby AAGWA25/150-60 25mm x 150mm 96") General Purpose Grinding Wheel

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Grinding wheel to suit 150mm Bench Grinders. 25mm wide, 150mm in diameter Aluminium oxide 60 grit. Idea for more fine work where finish is important

Vitrified bonded aluminium oxide wheel. For general purpose grinding of carbon and stainless steel and other alloys. Ideal for quick removal of material. Suitable for metal and stainless steel.


  • Sturdy and reliable, this multi-bore Bench Grinding Wheel is ideal for sharpening a variety of cutting tools, giving you a fine grain surface finish.
  • Multi-bore fits most 6” and 8” bench grinding machines.


  • Type: Aluminium Oxide Grinding Wheel
  • Suitable For: 150mm Bench Grinder
  • Diameter: 150mm / 6"
  • Face Diameter: 25mm / 1"
  • Grit: 60
  • Size: 150 x 25mm
  • Bore: 12.7mm
  • Item Code: 500105