Grip 21125 Bearing Separator Assembly Set

by Grip
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Kit includes 2 sizes of bearing separator jaws with a 150mm yoke adaptor with a wide variety of lead screws, nuts and bolts to suit a wide range of tasks. Parts include:- Screw, M12 x 1.25 male threads 2 Bearing Separator Jaw, 2.2"-3.0" capacity (2 half) 1 Nut, M12 x 1.25 4 5"Extension Screw, male and female threads.3/8"-162 2 Lead Screw 164" Extension Screw, male and female threads,3/8"-16 2 Washer28Nut, 3/8"- 1622 94" Extension Screw, male threads 3/8"- 1622 Washer2 Nut, 3/8"- 162 5" Extension Screw, male threads, 3/8"- 162 Screw, M10 X 1 male threads2 Bearing Separator Jaw, 2"capacity (2 half)1 Nut, M10 X 14 6" Yoke Adapter1 Case, Blow Mould 1

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